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Friday, August 21, 2009 // 5:20 PM

Alexander Wang is love

P.S. I am so sick of searching for the perfect fringed gladiators.
Next DIY project, Fringed Glads with Gold Studs.

Sunday, August 2, 2009 // 11:01 PM
The day started off pretty slow and pretty much boring. Around 12ish, we ( Abang and I) left for OU. Abang was performing for this indie youth fest and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. Lenka performed. so nyeh, you guys missed it and she was awesome. We basically watched bands and solo artistes perform. as in, Abang, me, and a couple of his friends. I love this band name Dichi Michi. go check out their Myspace. click there. And the music's not the only thing I love about these sorta fests, I love the fashion. But seriously, ladies, step it up a little. All the girls wore plaid. BORE. all the guys had better style to day. I made a new friend. Hamzah.

Hamzah wore gorgeous Gucci shoes.


Top: Topshop
Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Shoes : Miu miu
Bag: Vintage Aigner

I also wore my signature, tons and tons of Look-at-me Rings :)
that's basically it.

oh and i bought some stuff.
PFT. NATURALLY. but surprisingly not as much and not as intricately gorgeous things. I bought a simple white V-neck tee with a pocket and zip detail. cause i absolutely needed a plain white tee. well. another. cause my old one is sorta tight and i really wanted a slouchy boho-ish white top to just wear with skinnies.

I also got baby blue and gold earrings and a white and gold HUGE LOOK AT ME cocktail ring. :)

note: not exactly what i bought, but you get the general idea :)

oh,a and i had English Lit tuition at the Goh's and I just got home. Spent the day with Abang, his friend whose name i have manage to forget, and Louis.

overall spankin' day.

Vintage haul ;
Saturday, August 1, 2009 // 2:06 PM
I finally chose from the things my mother has laid out for me. The things that are "too old" for her, thus vintage for me. Although these things were purchased a good 20 years ago, they're still in mint condition and although some has faded in terms of color, it only adds effect to its vintage look.

I have found new love with Aigner.
all Aigner bags and shoes have an "A" on it, symbolizing my name :) and I can't believe how many Aigner bags my mom was actually planning to throw/ give away! thank god I saved them.

So from the "pile of junk" as my mother calls it, i picked out two Aigner bags.

of course i couldn't find its exact replica on the internet because the bags are sooo vintage and old.

It somewhat resembles a brown leather quilted shoulder bag. with a little gold A on the front. the usual Aigner A.

And this exact bag, except the bag I chose is black and instead of ostrich skin, its crocodile skin.
I previously owned this Balenciaga bag in Black, Red and Brown.
but my mother also passed on another bag.

Its a vintage Dark Blue Giant Weekender Balenciaga bag.
i know it looks black-ish in the picture but the actual bag is actually a really dark blue. and my mom told me why she simply decided to pass a Balenciaga bag to me.
pft. she bought a new one.
but whatever. she's happy, I'm happy. it works out.

next, my mom had like 20 belts on the bed. and you know what I did? i just took em all.
HAHAHA. i didnt even care. i obviously can't show em all to you. so i'll basically pinpoint which era of vintage belts it is.

All these belts range from like, thousand -dollared Ferragamo, Gucci, Aigner, Hermes belts to 7 pound Primark belts. surprisingly the nicer ones are the cheapers ones. Goes to show, you don't need money to be fashionable. but it helps ;)

Oh and my mom hammydowned this GORGEOUS SATIN YVES SAINT LAURENT clutch. NO IDEA WHY SHE DID. but i'm not complaining.
I found the exact replica online.
it looks uber vintage.

it's gorgeous and so very pink. :) everyone knows how I love shocking pink.

I also grabbed some old shoes. that my mom thinks make her look old.

I got some Ralph Lauren penny loafers, in yellow!
These are from Cole Haan but its the closest I got. imagine these shoes, a much brighter shade of yellow with little ribbons in the front. Its gorgeously cute. I'm wearing them tomorrow. to watch my brother perform.

I also inherited ankle boots. WHO KNEW ANKLE BOOTS WERE IN THEN?
They're Burberry Black Lace up Ankle Boots.
Much like this, cept less patent. probably because it's really old. its been somwhat un-shined and discoloured. but still, very chic.

Lastly, monochromatic Chanel flats. They're so effortlessly classic! No idea why mom wanted to throw those away.
EXACTLY like these, cept they're sling backs.

My mom also wanted to throw out this whole jewellery box of accessories, so once again, I took them all. :) Don't you hate it when you throw something away and realize it could've been for good use? I'm never making that mistake again, so yes, I'm taking it all.

I'm really happy with what I chose.
The parents are coming back in a week or so, expect a haul after their immediate presence. My mommy bought me something, plus, we're going shopping!


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