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when you're feeling sad ;
Sunday, March 8, 2009 // 11:29 PM
Puan Azura, when you're feeling sad that someone has written an essay with horrible english. Take for instance, incorrect grammar and low usage of vocabulary. just read this, and it'll make their essays sound almost poetic.

*note: Thank you to a friend of mine for actually showing me this sentence written by a girl whose identity will remain private due to the horrible english used in her sentences.

She quotes:

hi nice to see name is *****.i see u jason mraz concert pic.omg...i want to go his concert so much.but i don't have many.listen his much is so relax and have many fun.

now honestly, i have no idea what the last 3 lines are, i just laughed like crazy. haha. this was sent to me over MSN Messenger at an estimated time of 11.30 p.m.

it's just so hilarious. sorry. hahahah

xx. more next time.

puss in boots ;
// 4:22 PM
HELLO AGAIN. for the second time today. so today, i went out to Sunway Pyramid so we could sit down and have lunch while i studied Chemistry. my parents decided that a different studying environment would do me justice. so alas, i agreed. and I actually managed to do 2 chapters in an hour which i found astounding. im starting to study again at 6. and i am going to do my workbook and hopefully read Mr Sheats photocopied notes by tonight. Tomorrow i will be going to Farah's house so discuss Sejarah and Chemistry. I AM SO EXCITED.

so what i wore to Sunway Pyramid:

what i wore was actually just a plain white t-shirt from JulieMacdonald

I also wore Black skinny jeans from Miss Selfridge and some flats from Gucci
My bright red sweater was from Topshop. it's a long cardigan and it added a splash of colour to my outfit.

note: When wearing colours such as Black and White *in which case my whole outfit was black and white* a eyepopping colour or print would complete the outfit. like a bright red sweater, a yellow bag, or even a bright pink belt. This is to ensure that you do not look to plain yet still maintaining your somewhat casual look without looking as if you put too much on. As Coco Chanel once said, "When you are ready to go out and you feel that you are perfectly dressed, remove one accesory or item of clothing". Today, i removed the black bow that i had placed around my head and thought that i looked more casual without it.
My black huge bag from Tods. I was studying. so that is why i needed such a big bag.

I also wore band-rings. Usually, i would wear a LOUD ring. like my stud rings that are twice the size of my finger itself. But since i was only out wiht my family and family friends, i decided to maintain a somewhat casual and low key outfit so i wore 2 band rings, one from Athens and another from Claire's in Canada.
And lastly i wore a multi-pendant necklace from Forever 21. that looks something like this. with many layers and sizes. (:

What i really wanted to talk about was what i saw when i went into the bathroom. So when my mother needed to use the bathroom, i accompanied her and just sat my Tod's bag on the counter to take out my ipod touch. and i looked at this one girl who just entered the bathroom. her shirt was okay, she was wearing a normal yellow collared shirt. Her shorts were Daisy Duke denim shorts which tend to look CHEAP, but i still thought it was fine. but it was what she was wearing on her feet that totally appauled me. She was wearing BOOTS. no not those heeled ankle boots which i LOVE, and i know some malaysians tend to FORGET that we live in a warm climate and wear those black leather knee high boots that are already disgustingly painful enough to see. but this girl was wearing Suede, Brown, Cowboy boots with frills. I just wonder what on earth possesed her to buy such horrid looking boots especially when we live in malaysia. A good pair of converses, flats or even some Havaianas would look okay enough.

so note:

For the love of FASHION, please refrain yourself from buying brown suede cowboy boots and wearing them in malaysia. infact, refrain yourself from buying them at all.


you may now wash your eyes out with some of these WONDERFUL ankle boots.

personally, i think ankle boots can and should be worn in Malaysia but not so much during the day and more for evening usage. They're cute and downright gorgeous.

Ankle Boots from Christian Laboutin. obviously. note red underside. The Christian Laboutin trademark.

doesn't that make you feel much better after seeing those cowboy boots? haha. not only are Christian Laboutin shoes one of the most sought out in the world, i LOVE those 3 buttons at the side. I think they add so much character to this plain black boot. Plus, i've tried these shoes on and the cut of the boot makes your legs look longer. A must buy if your pockets are deep enough. if you know what i mean. ;)

No one can ever say no to the power of Jimmy Choo's shoes. *coughiowntheseinbeigecough*.
These are Jimmy Choo's Erika Suede shoes. I usually wear these boots when i go to colder places cause unlike the Christian Laboutin shoes, these are a little thicker and provide warmth, and they are made out of suede. So i guess you can wear these in Malaysia but they have to be paired up with clothes that are not so busy like simple black or blue denim skinny jeans or a simple dress. but overall, i love these shoes and not only because i own them. (:

okay, thats it for today. i know Puan Azura, too many pictures less words. but you know what they say.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

hahahahhhahaa. sorry. i'll write more next time.

sirens ;
// 9:44 AM
The reason i titled this blog as "Sirens" is because of the fact that i saw a really horrid looking outfit and it was necessary to call the fashion police. I'M SO SERIOUS YOU WOULDN'T BE LAUGHING AT THE END OF MY EXPLANATION. so obviously, i wasn't THAT mean and i didn't take a picture of the woman wearing the horrendous outfit though right now i really regret and i wish i did. so Puan Azura, its up to you to IMAGINE it and promise me you'd never wear it. (:

p.s I was in Bangsar Village waiting for my dad when this happened with my mom who also went "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT WOMAN WEARING?" haha.

now first of all, i'd like to inform you that it was a slightly elderly person wearing this outfit.

so it started off with a cap-sleeved pink and white striped top. that was wayyy to big on her.

imagine this with Cap Sleeves.

then, over that she wore a BRIGHT YELLOW vest with iron-on patches on it. FIRST OF ALL, IRON-ON PATCHES SHOULD NOT EXIST ANYMORE. ergh.
imagine this but in a horrid MacDonald's type yellow.

next, she wore those old styled jeans. better known as MOM JEANS. you know, the ones that are in a boring shade of blue, with no shape whatsoever? and it ended at her ankles. which is a big HUGE no-no. especially for asians as they make us look shorter than we really are. and we obviously could use all the height we can get. well i do. :)

and she eneded it with pink trainers.

she also sported a FANNY PACK. for those who don't know what a Fanny Pack is, its those old styled belt-bag combinations. you know, a bag, that can be straped around your waist. personally, i think women....even men should NEVER EVER BUY A FANNY PACK. women should indulge themselves in the various forms of handbags already created specifically for women. We have large, medium and small sized handbags, we have handbags with shoulder straps, the ones that can be carried along your elbow, or in your hand. We also have clutches for a slightly more elegant look and sling bags incase you don't want anything to hold while walking or working. but Never Ever buy a fanny pack. if you own one, and you're reading this right now, i suggest that you throw away the fanny pack and buy yourself a nice bag.

i mean seriouslyTHIS


It really isn't even a competition.

p.s this is a LOVELY bag for Dolce and Gabbana.


haha. well thats all i wanted to point out.

xx. thank you (:

i'll probably write more later. i'm off to do my french homework and i'm studying chemistry today.

eight two eight ;
Thursday, March 5, 2009 // 10:30 PM
We have been doing World Maths Day from 8a.m all the way to 8p.m. and i am EXHAUSTED! i can't even begin to explain how exhausted i really am. I almost feel braindead due to the vast amount of maths i just did throughout the day. ouch.

i havent' got much to say except for the fact that CEMPAKA HAPPENS TO BE THE TOP 6 IN THE WORLD. no not one of the top 6. ALL OF THE TOP 6'S. haha. and some scattered among the top 50 classes in the world.

for more proof feel free to check

for showing off purposes. haha. i did a total of around 1700 CORRECT answers. god knows how many i actually answered. haha. so i just studied a little bit of chemistry and found it completely useless cause my brain is just too worn out. i'm mentally exhausted so i just decided to go online and blog. on both my blogs.

oh my god. so while i was playing today, i went against this one guy from Hong Kong and just so you know. we all have 1 minute. as in 60 seconds to answer questions and there must've been a glitch as this guy could answer 209 questions in a minute. thats impossible.

i even screen-shot in cause i couldn't believe it myself. so here itt is guys. Team Hong Kong. i have no idea what mojo you use but wow. 209 questions. hats off to you.

we had some major funny quotes among farah, ron and i that caused us all to lay among the floor in the school corridor in a dog pile, just laughing hysterically.

So it started with Ronald singing It's Not Over by Daughtry. then he was all "It is over right?" referring to the continuous maths we had been forced to do. then farah and i were talking about how it'd be hysterically not funny if it WASN'T over and we'd get a call from Mr Kumar that night going


and thats the bit where farah and i were laughing to tears on the floor. haha. so funny. and Jude and Chin San's lame version of Queen's, We Are The Champions.
We are the champions,my friends And we'll keep on fighting - till the end We are the champions We are the champions No time for losers 'Cause we are the champions, of the world..MATHS DAAAAYYY!

gotta love these guys sometimes. (:

so i'm sorta sad its over but at the same time i AM SO RELIEVED THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO DRY MY CONTACTS OUT BY STARING AT THE COMPUTER FOR 12 HOURS STRAIGHT. thank god to that. we managed to finish 3rd place in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. losing to our own schoolmates. pft. but overall, it wasnt too bad. plus, according to dr. rizal. no homework this weekend! which contributes alot as i've got some studying to do.

here's a screen shot of my last game.

this was around 6.59. and if you squint your eyes, i won first place in my last round. which felt good.

okay. i'm done with mathletics. ON TO STUDYING...tomorrow. for now. i'm putting my brain at rest. since this is

goodnight. (:

since this is a fashion blog, i'm going ot put something at LEAST fashion related.

so for our world maths day, a model of us had already been made at random. and trust me IT LOOKED HORRIBLE. so i'm going to do one of those Before and After photos. haha. of what i looked like before, when the model of me was made at random and how i altered it to look somewhat like me. (:



haha. goodnight. xx

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