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butterflies ;
Thursday, April 30, 2009 // 8:34 PM
Today, we were all permitted to wear jeans and sport shoes along with our Save the World tee shirt. i would just like to say how something like wearing jeans and sports shoes, can differentiate people's fashion style.

For instance, i think most people tried too hard by putting on their best jeans. Some of the younger secondary students wore jeans with tons of beading and crystals and i just rolled my eyes at these kind of things. i mean, we're going to school, not the mall. although most people just wore regular blue jeans, some people knew how to make it work, some didn't.

i spotted mom jeans. ew.

I saw some people wearing bright blue, green and red jeans. as some of you may know, i LOVE coloured jeans. but please, we're still in school. some people just try way too hard to impress and i find it rather annoying. I think the overall nicest outfit was won by Bella. She wore the Save the World tee shirt with regular blue, straight cut jeans, with green converses. I LOVED and admired her outfit. however, i opted for typical black skinny jeans and black, white and red converses. but after schoo, i changed into my bright pink and black flats for accounts tuition. how chic. i really could've gone to sevendays today, but i decided against it cause according to the others, they weren't properly dressed.

So the Save the World campaign has inspired me to do little things in life to improve our world. as most of you may know, i hardly or almost NEVER use air conditioner. i do switch my lights off when not in use, and i do brush my teeth while i'm bathing. but oh boy, do i waste water when i bathe. i'm the kind of person who bathes for ages and keeps the water running as i'm soaping up or washing my hair. i don't like being in the shower without the water running. it feels. naked. hahahaha. The one thing i was thinking off throughout the whole campaign, was ( i bet you've guessed it. i'm so fashion crazy), Anya Hindmarch's line of canvas bags used to completely replace the usage of plastic bags in everyday life. Admittedly, i own almost all of her "I Am Not A Plastic Bag" Canvas bag line.

Anya Hindmarch's Canvas Tote Line

And i understand that although Anya's original I'm not a plastic bag bag only cost 50 american dollars, in other words, it's about 350 ringgit, her other bags are somewhat more costly. but this is not an excuse as to why you would not replace your plastic bags with canvas totes as there are many other choices or alternatives that are much cheaper than Anya's canvas totes.
A simple bag like this would be enough. and plus, its cute. :)
A simple but cute bag like this would encourage the younger generation, the generation of our future to save the world one gorgeous canvas tote at a time.
This bag says it all. :D

so since we're in such a Save The World the world is beautiful phase, i accidentally bumped across these few gorgeous dresses i absolutely loved and they were floral printed. Personally, i love floral prints and they remind me of the singer Katy Perry. i also love waist belts, glitter and bubble shaped dresses.

I think this dress screams Katy Perry. i can imagine it on her with a huge blue bow on her head.

i can imagine this on me, rather i would LOVE to have it on me. :)
the shiny belt is just amazing and it pieces the two fabrics so beautifully.

and lastly, this is a little random and doesn't go well with my Save the World themed blogpost, but i found the most heavenly shoes on the face of the Earth. my mom is going to America soon and she's purchasing these shoes for me. they arent sold in malaysia. so hopefully i'll be one of the only malaysians to own them.

Christian Lacroix owns my heart.

hold on ;
Sunday, April 12, 2009 // 10:49 PM
The reason for the blog title refers to my favourite choice of bag, the clutch. Yes, most people would presume that the "oversized bag" would have been my favourite choice, as most of you may know, i do have a vast collection of oversized bags. However, due to my rather petite frame, i think that the clutch suits me much better.

A cluch does well by complimenting an outfit without taking the attention away from the dress itself.

A clutch can only be worn for dinners or formal occasions.

Yes, i do agree, you cannot fit much stuff into a clutch, unless you own those GORGEOUS collection of oversized clutches by Celine. coughiownsomecough. :) but then again, as a teenager, how much stuff would you possibly need? a wallet and a phone would do you justice. So here's to my favourite choice of bag, the clutch. However, the clutches that i am about to display do not compliment the outfit, however, they steal the limelight and ARE the outfit.

Note: Some of these clutches may have chains that enable them to be worn as handbags or slings, however they can be stowed away and used as clutches.

So as I was looking around at this fashion website, i spot this turquoise bag and i find it the most gorgeous thing on earth.

Personally, i love this bag as i think it adds a dash of colour to a dualtone outfit. Mainly, black and white. I think it would look gorgeous with a white flowy top, some black skinny jeans, some skyscraper heels and gold jewellery. I love the gold details on this bag and i simply adore the fact that it can add a dash of colour without being too bright. This bag is by Coach.

This Alexander McQueen bag comes in several colours. but these two colours are the ones that really caught my eye. The first thing i noticed about this clutch, is obviously its quirky shape. McQueen shaped it so that the clutch would fit your hands and fingers as you carried it though looking completely rectangular when held. I LOVE this idea of his, and i find the black and gold version and the fushia version just mind boggling.

This next bag is by Topshop. Most of you may have already noticed this bag sold at the stores here in Malaysia. I predict that more than half have taken a second look at this bag too. I spent at least half an hour mourning over this bag as my mom would not let me get it as i am currently banned from shopping. as usual. I just love the Union Jack on the bag. its cute.

" If the credit card was an instrument, I'm a prodigy"

Now the next few clutches are pretty formal looking, however i beg to differ as i think these clutches can be worn casually if paired up with the right clothing.

I LOVE this apple sling/clutch. Especially because it's gold in colour. This bag can only be purchased in London, in Temperley London though i am pretty sure it can be purchased online too. I just imagined this bag being worn with a White or cream t shirt and a grey or dark blue high waisted skirt with some flats or even ankle boots for a casual look. Honestly, this bag is so unique that its practically an outfit all on its own. It doesnt need much to make the outfit look presentable. In simpler words, ZOMG. :)

Now this next bag, is more of a matter of taste, as people of the younger generation who do not really appreciate fashion, especially the old styles of the 60's and such, would not appreciate nor understand why a teenager would want to wear such an elderly looking bag. But as i keep telling my mom, for you, its out of date, for us, its VINTAGE.

This bag has this somewhat Chanel feeling to it. That i adore. And i love that its actually made of translucent material and the bunched up look makes it opaque. The chained sling reminds me of Chanel so much. This is probably more towards a dinner bag as all it can contain is a phone, some cash and maybe lipgloss and eyeliner. haha. This bag is by Maddalena Marconi.

This petal-emblished bag by Eruca really caught my eye. As i'm really into golds, blacks and natural colours recently. i think this bag is perfect for summers. in other words, it works all year round for those in Malaysia. I imagined this dress being worn with a grey top and a statement necklace, with a light brown thick waisted belt, and a layered ruffled skirt. preferably neutral in colour. For a dash of colour, the skirt could also be replaced with a lantern skirt or ruffled skirt in fushia or lilac/purple.

I love how this egg/oval shaped clutch reminds me of the egg in the Harry Potter movie. It totally looks like the goblet of fire. The one where it can only be opened underwater, so that you can hear the mermaid singing instead of opening it out of water and hearing screaming. I am going way off topic here but it doesnt really matter. I acutally really love this clutch. and i have no idea what it is made of. But i think it would look gorgeous with a neutral coloured outfit as this clutch is a statement clutch.

This clutch, is actually a vintage clutch and cannot be bought in Malaysia. But i just thought it was gorgeous as eventhough it is clearly a statement clutch, it would be worn with an outfit of any colour, from black and white to bright yellow and it would still blend with the outfit effortlessly. I really think that everyone should own a clutch like this. It doesnt need to be vintage like so. It could simply have swarovski crystals, beads ( A cheaper beaded version of this clutch can be found in Forever 21), or even mirrors. I actually have a bag with small small mirrors sewed onto them. and i think it looks great.

This last clutch is a clutch by Bags at Boden. and it comes in several colours, like black brown, fushia but it was this bright turqoise green that really caught my eye.
Gorgeous ain't it?

okay i am very tired now. I shall get some rest. I am in desperate need of shopping.
Till then, no posts on to buys or already bought as i havent been out shopping in ages. I feel so deprived.


sorry puan azura ;
Saturday, April 4, 2009 // 6:38 PM

and i wish to apologise for doing so. Last month, in the midst of my mid-sem exams, i went to canada. I'm sure you know Puan Azura. and i FINALLY FOUND A GOOD WAY OF WEARING A FANNY PACK! oh my god. i know right?

though this will only work when you're wearing a ski jacket that supplies no shape to your body whatsoever and if you're going skiing in which case, a handbag will not suffice, and you don't want to carry a backpack.

so what i saw at least 3 women do, is that they would wear their shapeless ski jackets,so what this woman did, was that she wore the fanny pack, backwards, so the bit that you use to clip at your back is now at the front LIKE A BELT! adding a clinched waist and therefore adding shape to your body. its genius!

PLUS, i think this Gucci Fanny Pack is gorgeous. hahahhaa. i never thought i'd ever say those words.

i didn't buy much in canada this time around, as i hardly had any time to go around in Vancouver. i bought a very Blair Waldorf looking sweater. its dark blue with black trimmings and gold buttons from H&M. very posh if i do say so myself. I also bought myself an Edward Cullen t-shirt just cause i thought it would be funny. and i bought myself a beige sling bag from Chanel.

It's been so hot lately. and i would know because of Games Carnival and MSSKL, im at least 200 shades darker than i was before. so my next post will be all about sundresses. it'll be mostly photos but i'll make up for all the photos with a super long update on Games Carnival afterwards.


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