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Thursday, February 26, 2009 // 11:13 PM
i need skirts

played plaid ;
// 7:12 PM
Okay, so i admit, i wasn't planning on doing a blogpost today but because a friend of mine, Wong Shi Fen requested for a certain item of clothing to be discussed, i decided why not?

so if anyone has any requests as to what you want me to blog about in terms of clothing or what to wear for a specific occasion or what goes well with what? feel free to write in my cbox.


yes, you too Puan Azura. there isn't a woman in the world who isn't interested in clothing. Only some who are ignorant due to the fact that they cannot embrace the world of shopping that is now looked down upon because of today's representation of shopaholics that are seen as spoilt, rich, and shallow.

not that there's anything wrong with that. HAHA.

i think that i have written in a previous post that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FILTHY RICH to be fashionable. Fashion is not associated with money. and therefore i object when someone says

"Oh, i can't afford fashion".

worst excuse for lazy people who don't have the decency to dress appropriately and nicely. i "pft" upon you.

so back to my blogpost, as you can tell by the title, Fen wanted me to talk about PLAID. plaid was made famous by the scottish people and somehow someway it became the HUGEST trend sometime 2 years ago by shops such as Topshop, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, Abercrombie, and lots more. honestly. even i own many many plaid peices myself. I LOVE IT. :D they automatically look cute on thier own though could go horribly horribly wrong when worn wrongly.

first, i present to you, the history of plaid. :P

Plaid (pronounced /ˈplad/) is a Scots language word meaning blanket, usually referring to patterned woollen cloth. It is unclear if the Gaelic word Plaide came first.

nowdays, plaid comes in almost EVERY form of clothing.

The most common form of plaid is probably the Plaid Shirt. now at first, people refused to embrace plaid as they usually said it resembled a picnic mat or a tablecloth. but as you can see, this fashion trend has spread itself so far and so wide that the people that once turned down the idea of wearing plaid are indeed the ones, craziest about it. (: I admit to having at least 3 plaid shirts. mostly from Topshop and Miss Selfridge.

this shirt is from Hollister and it is very similar to one that i own except that mine is blue and white. i also own a short sleeved plaid shirt in red and black from Topshop. However, i think that plaid shirts look best long sleeved and folded to the elbow. This look goes best with skinny jeans.

e.g. Lauren Conrad.

btw. i LOVE her white Balenciaga bag. yes i know. i can tell. :P cause i own that bag in red, black and brown. haha.

Note: This trend SHOULD NOT be worn with other coloured/pattered plaid tops as this will end up looking like chaos unless you're Agyness Deyn.
*p.s Agyness Deyn is noted as the no. 1 couture/high fashion supermodel of 2008 and 2009*

next, the plaid tanks.

this look will go best with blue denim skinnies. not those black or coloured ones. just good old blue skinny jeans. make sure the denim isnt too light as this top is already light enough as it is. or opt for White skinnies if you choose to be bold. a simply sling bag would look better than a large carry bag. as this look is fairly relaxed.

i LOVE this plaid bow tank from Topshop. now this would look good with almost any colour of skinnies. i prefer skinnies with plaid as plaid is usually done slightly baggy. you can hardly ever find a tight fitting plaid top. or at least one that looks good. so skinnies it is. skirts will also make you look very slumpy. unless you wear a high waisted tight skirt. no flary ones. so yes. this top would even look good with BRIGHT BRIGHT skinny jeans. that i am well known for. haha. like bright yellow, green, royal blue, red, or even purple skinnies would look good. though you could always opt for black or orignal denim blue jeans. :D

i know most of us do go to cold places, but i've come to realize that scarves arent only for cold places cause most middle street shops make lighter in other words, thinner scarves for spring that could be used in Malaysia. and i admit. i have TONS of thin scarves. some with skulls, stripes and obviously PLAID. i actually found the exact scarf i have.

this is from Forever 21. it also comes in a few other colours but i think that the black and white one looked the best on tshirts. oh yes. scarves on tshirts. not on shirts unless you wanna just drape it over your neck instead of tying it up like it is tied in the picture. it can even be draped over dresses or as a cover up. you gotta love the plaid scarf.

now the next item of clothing, i don't necessarily see as a fashion faux pas. there is hardly ever a time when an item of clothing is the faux pas. it depends if the person wearing it looks good in it or pulls it off. so next is the plaid pants.

i know most of you are like OH NO. but seriously. imagine this with a grey with slightly blueish band tee. for e.g the beatles or jimi hendrix with some black flats and a chanel chain bag, in black of course. BEAUTIFUL. s0 it really depends what you pair it up with.

now two of my favourite plaid clothing. THE SKIRT AND THE DRESS!

i LALALALOVE this skirt. the whole school looking plaid skirt with black tights with that grey top you see there. i think the grey top should be sleeveless and with minor ruffles for optimum beauty. i think the plaid skirt was MADE to be worn with tights though some may prefer without. especially the malaysians, we all know its boiling in this country. so it can be worn with shirts, flowy tops, tee shirts even! anything. i love the plaid skirt. the normal plaid skirt, the red, green and dark blue one also has the same principles so EXPLORE.

and lastly. my favouritest of the favourites.

the plaid dress. now the dress worn in this picture is PERFECTLY done. of course this whole outfit is courtesy of Topshop. i love the mixture of the blue plaid dress with the black mesh underneath, leg warmers with something that looks like grey pumps or even ankle boots! i love ankle boots too. haha. maybe that'll be the next post. now that waist belt is so beautiful as it is a studded waist belt. you know those punk rockers who made studded belts famous and therefore also avoided, well topshop has created a wide clinch waist belt with black and silver studs. i really love it. as it gives you this whole glamorous look to the slightly rock inspired outfit. and the leather jacket so completes the outfit. now for malaysians who prefer not to wear a leather jacket as you may be shun upon, the leather jacket can be replaced by a nice black tailored jacket, or even a black long or mid cardigan would do you justice. the best thing about this outfit, minimal accesories. get a silver clutch and you're ready to go. (:

whoah. this blogpost is tiring. and i have completed my 3 a week blogpost rule. so for next week. please ideas of what want me to blog about. thank you. BYE!

25 Completely Random Facts About Me ;
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 // 7:33 PM
1. My name is Athira Fatima binti Mohamad Abdul Halim

2. no one really remembers my full name, or gets past 'Athira'.

3. My only nickname is Jelly.

4. I love white chocolate. though i refrain from eating chocolate nowdays.

5. I have a huge bag, shoe, clothes obsession.

6. Apparently, i look best in black.

7. I prefer to use men's perfume such as Lacoste's Essential and Armani's Attitude.

8. I do own women's perfume from Victoria's Secret and Anna Sui

9. For a short person, i hardly wear heels.

10. Originally curly hair.

11. I'm as blind as a bat.

12. I stand at a staggering 5'0.

13. I love florescent colours.

14. I love my Cincau's and FATJAS's.

15. for number 15, i would like to tell you that i am taking 15 subjects for SPM

16. I've been learning French for the past 7 years of my life.

17. I also understand Italian and German when spoken slowly.

18. I love liquid eyeliner.

19. I have a huuuugeee leopard print pencil box with bright pink lining.

20. I am very into the whole band tee, skinny jeans with 2000 dollared bag look.

21. I am Malay, Siamese.

22. I practically can live off sushi

23. I think my best facial feature is my lips

24. I think the worst facial feature are my eyes and my lack of cheekbones, and basically everything else.

25. I've never been happier. :D

// 6:48 PM
Swimming Gala was a pretty evenful day for me. Despite the fact that i had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, around 6 or so. i still remained excited and optimistic throughout the day. I was a little upset as i was supposed to sleep at Farah's house the night before. But because of minor changes, i ended up sleeping at my own house anyway. So, i woke up groggily at 6 in the morning and put on my necessary clothes for swimming gala. but of course, i came in somewhat nice clothes. haha. pft. however, jeans weren't allowed and neither were skirts that totally ruined the two best outfit ideas i had for the day.

I was thinking of wearing my Helang shirt with a:
knee length black skirt


black skinny jeans

but it turns out that neither skirts not jeans were allowed. so instead i had to opt for something that resembled a skirt. i ended up wearing one of those flowy dance knee length pants
imagine this, but in black and ending around the knees.

so yes, i was kindda disapointed by the strict clothing rules. i guess they did not want anyone looking obscene or too unofficial at the swimming gala. but still? knee length skirts? whatever you say then.

i also wore my outfit with

my vintage black patent and gold ferragamo sling.

and my favourite black patent buckled mary jane flats.
note: these aren't my actual shoes but i could not find one that resembled mine.

i also wore them with bright yellow round huge earrings and black sunglasses.


so i basically spent the rest of the day, eating. The candy floss was SO good. and i cheered crazily for my house alongside with Natalie, our lady captain, as well as my fellow eagles. :P

i also got to meet my best friends, Annatasha "Tash" Saifol and Jade "Jadey" Lim whom i haven't seen in a really long time. well i may be exaggerating. haha. but with best friends, a day feels like a month, and a week is way too long to handle.
wow this has been a really long post and i'm starting to get tired. haha. i had just come back from my handball training and it went exceptionally well today. although a certain person in Form 3, not saying names, decided to charge at my at full speed and ram me down. instead she ended up on the floor and i was still standing for some odd reason. however, im pretty sure my hand took the impact, as my finger as well as my nail is starting to turn purplish.

Puan Azura, appreciate this blogpost as the length of the post was not affected by my injured finger. infact, i might just post another one later, to complete the 3-a-week rule to blogging. i feel like doing a survey. (:

see you in a bit. x

survey ;
Saturday, February 21, 2009 // 5:15 PM
As some of you may know, around 2 weeks ago, my mother left on a trip to London and Paris with a few of her closest friends. Sadly, i was not invited to come along as i had school those two weeks she was there. Now, i would simply like to state a characteristic that my mother posseses, as well as 90% of the women in my family. we are die hard shopaholics. we literally shop till we drop. a couple of years back, an aunt passed out from outshopping and lack of eating. so my mother went to Paris and London with one bag. and she came back with 3. but that isn't the end of the story. my mother had informed us that there were another 2 bags!! that she was having sent by a plane. so technically, she had shopped 4 bags full of clothing! now when she first came back, i was already amazed at the amount of things she had brought back for me. She had brought back some very pretty headbands. those at school would know that i have trademark headbands that i wear to school everyday. besides that, she had also bought me some bags, such as:

a fluorescent Louis Vuitton bag.

a beige Celine clutch

a Chanel beige bag

and 4 clutches. in colours, red, even redder,royal blue and bronze.

the rest, i am not really sure as to what are in those 2 bags that had just arrived this morning, but i'll be sure to find out.

the other day, i completed a survey, i found very amusing. and note : for those who want to try this. you CANNOT google the answers. part of the fun is thinking so hard for the answers. Feel free to try this survey too Puan Azura, though it will not be as much fun as both our names start with the same letter.

It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use DIFFERENT answers. You CANNOT use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Athira Mohamad

2. A four Letter Word : Arts

3. A boy's Name : Abraham

4. A girl's Name : Aaliyah

5. An occupation : Archeologist

6. A color : areallynicecolour. haha kidding Amethyst.

7. Something you'll wear : Alien-printed underwear. *i own these okay? Ask Jude, Ron or Fen*

9. A food :Asparagus soup

10. Something found in the bathroom : well. i have Apple bodyscrub.

11. A place : Africa

12. A reason for being late : Attracted to new hot guy. ;)

13. Something you'd shout : ALIENS ARE ATTACKING! omg see. those were all A's

14. A movie title : A walk to Remember. ♥

15. Something you drink : Apple martini

16. A musical group : ABBA!

17. An animal : Anteater.

18. A street name : Alberta Street

19. A type of car : Audi. :D

20. The title of a song : America's Suitehearts. ♥

recent to buy's and already gotten's out soon. :)

p.s swimming gala is tomorrow! i plan on wearing my HELANG house t-shirt of course. as well as my flary stretch pants as i heard that skirts are not allowed ( i wasn't even planning on wearing something obscene like a miniskirt, i simply wanted to wear an elegant black knee length flowy skirt..but whatever) and those pants are as close as it gets. i am definitely wearing some bright yellow earrings to support my house team. Oh and fellow seniors, i am also bringing yellow ribbon to distribute as arm bands, anklets, head bands or hair types. whatever. i am using my vintage black and gold belted ferragamo bag, my gold and black chained headband, my chanel sunglasses and shoes! i haven't decided what shoes i am planning to use yet. probably black flats or some black slippers. (:

Rihanna ;
Monday, February 16, 2009 // 2:29 PM
I just finished this one EST test that Puan Azura made us sit for. i got a 25 out of 30. I don't think it was that bad but chin loong scored a 26. he is sitting right

------------------> here.

haha. Rihanna GOT CANCELLED. after i planned what to wear it still GOT CANCELLED. i'm not really sure as to what really happened to her as there are too many rumours circulating about her. but what i am sure about is that she got badly hurt in a fight between her and her boyfriend Chris Brown. She substained injuries such a broken nose, a black eye, split lips and even bite marks! Although i do not know what is the cause of the fight but all that i know is that no guy should ever hurt a girl. especially till the point where she had to be hospitalized! next post will all be about Rihanna's awesome fashion sense. :D

xoxo. athira.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 // 12:02 AM
This Friday, My friends and i, more specifically, Chin Loong, Chin San, Mei Jing, and Farah are going to watch RIHANNA PERFORM LIVE IN THE BUKIT JALIL STADIUM. i have been waiting for this day to come FOR WEEKS. now i only have 4 days to go! Then on Saturday, as you all know, it is Valentine's Day. not saying ANYTHING. you can suggest in the inbox if you do not like my outfit or think that a certain outfit is better. i will be asking shez and mei jing. *style stars* what to wear. for Rihanna, i am not wearing what is gorgeous, just practical. :D

For Rihanna


Royal blue skinny jeans or black?

note: I'm wearing this outfit with black converses.


Honestly i dont know what to wear AT ALL. here are just my suggestions, or ideas.

These are to be worn with a pair of mary jane buckled heels.

any ideas? i was thinking of wearing cream. but cream is soo. creamy. pft.

I'm strong willed, enthusiastic, avant garde, humourous, insane, cynical, sarcastic, witty and confident.
I don't care what people think about me, I only care what they think about my clothes.&hearts

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