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fashion update ;
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 // 9:40 PM
HEY ALL. Well today, while we were having a double period of maths, i managed to finish my work early and Mei and i decided to take a look at the pictures for the 2009 Costume Institute Gala, or known as the MET. so trust Mei and I to completely LOVE some of the pieces and dresses that were worn. thinking " how on earth would anyone think that dress is beautiful?" and i was enraged by some people who decided to be different and wear something different. its the MET for god's sakes. put a gorgeous 10, 000 dollared dress on and walk. although, some people attempted to try something new. some pulled it off, while others flunked it. So here are a few of my favourite dresses, and my "what-in-the-world-were-you-thinking-when-you-chose-that-outfit" dresses. however, Mei and i agreed that some dresses were indeed beautiful and amazingly crafted and designed but the people who wore it could not pull it off.

Quote of the day:
" That looks so Chanel"

Okay so i decided to paste my favourites, the dresses i wish i could set ablaze, the dresses that could've been if worn by the right person.

First of all, the dresses I simply adored:

Why it works?
First of all, I think that this dress is VERY hard to pull off and it takes someone like Anne Hathaway to pull it off. This dress was designed by Marc Jacobs. for one, this dress is a very dark shade of purple therefore, it is no surprise that someone with porcelain skin, such as Anne Hathaway could possibly pull this dress off. the cutting is lantern shaped and it takes great height to pull off. i'm basically saying that there is no way that i would ever be able to pull off this dress, as well as any tanned, vertically challenged blonde. Yes, i doubt that a blonde could pull off this dress either as it takes dark hair to really blend this whole outfit together. I absolutely love how she decided to do her hair really simple and with a huge volume. a bun or an updo would completely destroy the rock and roll edge to this dress.

p.s: I am loving those shoes. :)

Why it works?
Jessica Alba is wearing this minidress by Jason Wu. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. people who have seen my drawing would understand why. haha. most of the dresses i draw pretty much revolve around mini dresses with empire or waist cutting or colourblocks. plus, i love pockets. i don't care if they're in or not. pockets are handy. I love the glitter and shine on the bodice of the dress and i love how there is a colourblock and the skirt half of the dress is in this bright almost royal blue colour. the two colours just blend together so easily. i also love how Jessica Alba used black tights. ( people also know that i wear black tights with most of my dresses). i absolutely love the fact that she wore black tights and black heels to increase your height. or at least make yourself look taller. i don't understand why she is using a fuschia coloured clutch though. but i guess the whole outfit is so glamourous, people won't even notice the clutch.

note: when wearing a very self-spoken dress, it is best to make your hair NOT the subject of the outfit. i love how she ties it up so nicely here. :)

Why it works?
First of all. its Gisele Bundchen and secondly, its Versace.
my explanation should just end here. hahaha. i'm actually serious. first of all, this dress is completely sequinned by hand. it starts off with a dark blue almost black sequins at the top and it blends into a very light and bright blue that looks almost silver in colour. plus, i love the peep toe ankle boots that match her dress. I think she was one of the best dressed. hands down.

Why it works?
This dress is also done by Versace and i love the black chiffon look that looks like a cut-out styled dress but it actually has a skin coloured lining inside of it. i think this dress is absolutely gorgeous and i love the fanned out look of this dress. especially all those chiffon folds that must've taken forever to do. but i think this dress is amazing. enough said.

The last two are my favourite outfits out of the whole MET and its really no surprise.

KATE MOSS, AND ONLY KATE MOSS COULD POSSIBLY PULL THIS DRESS OFF. first of all, the drapings make it look slightly Superhero themed and shoes that match the dress exactly isnt usually the greatest idea. the turban she has on gives this Indian vibe. yet altogether it looks phenomenal. i love her beige satin pumps, they look absolutely gorgeous. this dress is done by Marc Jacobs, obviously as he is standing right next to the model in the picture. he has really outdone himself this time. i love the whole outfit. oh and not to forget, not only do i LOVE LOVE LOVE one shouldered dresses and tops, i also love low backs or back cut-outs.
I think the back of the dress really finishes it off perfectly. 10/10 for Marc Jacobs.

And last but not least, well actually last, but the most gorgeous dress at the entire ball, i do agree that this has been slightly biased. but i am a huge sucker for Chanel.
Diane Kruger wears this dress from Chanel and i think she pulls it off perfectly. she is petite, therefore making this babydoll dress look beautiful. If you look at the picture closely, you can actuallysee that this dress consists of tiny white fabric flowers sewn over the entire dress with a skin coloured fabric underneath that can be seen below the flowers. I love her minimalist accesories making the dress a standout. I also love the white fabric empire waist belt that compliments the dress perfectly.


next, is the worst dressed list. I won't put much explanation to it. its pretty obvious as to why i would like to burn these clothes and pretend they never existed.




Queen of Ugly.

And lastly, the dresses that could've made the best dressed list, if the people wearing them actually managed to pull the dress off.

Mei and i both think that this dress by Atelier Versace is beyond amazing . but it should've been worn by a porcelain skinned 6 footer. Nicole Kidman would've looked gorgeous in this dress. sorry Jessica Biel. We think that Jessica would've looked nice in a short cream or yellow coloured minidress. this dress just doesnt fit her very well.

i love this dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley. This dress is designed by Elie Saab and i usually LOVE HER DRESSES. and i love this one too. i love the rosette detail at the bottom of the dress as well as the feathers on the bodice. however, i think this dress completely swallows the person in it. she would've done better in a light pink tight fitting dress.

xoxoxox. more runway pictures next time. ;)
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