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Saturday, January 17, 2009 // 5:16 PM
Despite being sick, i had to go to Bangsar to pick my laptop back up from the shop, as i had to update the software. So basically, my laptop is awesome right now. so while i was in Bangsar, i did what i usually do, i look at fashion do's and dont's. Personally, i don't think rich equals to being fashionable. someone who has a moderate amount of money can be still be fashionable. sometimes people with alot of money tend to over do their clothes. they think as long as its Chanel or Dior it goes. WRONG. and sometimes, usually teenagers wear whats 'in' or what is cool for the moment. and i look down upon such things. we are teenagers. we aren't supposed to follow the trends, we're supposed to make them. following trends are for the older women, those 'datin's who wear whats in or whats expensive. ergh.

Reminder: Teenagers DO NOT follow trends. We set them.

So, back to my story. i saw many outfits that i really liked and some that were horrendous and just screamed "I HAVE MONEY AND NO STYLE" . :D

While Daddy and i were having a drink in Starbucks, we saw this one lady going up the escalator in a horrid looking dark green sundress. and I was like "OH MY GOD" and my dad obviously read my mind and he asked me why that woman was wearing her pyjamas to the mall. and worst still, it was touching the floor and she was wearing SNEAKERS! it was all wrong. haha. if you want to wear a long dress, it would be better if it didnt drag across the floor. First of all, this is Malaysia and you never know exactly what you're dragging that lovely dress of yours across. Second, we are asians. We aren't exactly the tallest people on the planet. A dress that lifts off the ground would give us more height. And trust me, i know all about adding height. ahem. haha. A dress that stops around the ankles would be perfect. Third, the colour was fine, but it was the way her dress fit around her that made it look slightly "trashy", literally. A dress that is tighter around the bodice or the waist would make your figure look nicer especially if its a long dress. Fourth, sneakers do NOT go with that dress unless you opt for white converses or keds. Slippers e.g. Havaianas, sandals e.g. Ipanema and even gladiator sandals would look WAAAYY better with that sort of dress.

I also saw something that i REALLY loved. While i was at starbucks, this around 40 year old woman came in. and she was REALLY in style while not trying to hard and i really appreciated that. i mean, we were in bangsar, and she was probably just grocery shopping so she obviously wasnt trying to look her best. yet she was really fashionable. she was wearing a plain white t shirt. ( which is fashionable all on its own), some cute white wedges, a big black bag, and jeans. but it was her jeans that really caught my eye. The way she wore them. simple and easy yet PURE GENIUS. i once saw Katie Holmes in something like that and it just hit me.

I officially love folded to the ankle man jeans. It is so cute and effortless. So if you ever buy a pair of jeans of the wrong size, don't send it back or send it for re-tailoring. just fold them to your ankle, and VOILA! it's a fashion trend. :D It looks great with flats, and sandals like Katie Holmes, and it even looked good with heels, example by the woman i saw today, and im guessing it'll look good with a pair of Keds or Converses.

Next outfit i saw. was..indescribable. for those larger woman out there. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR TIGHT CLOTHING. i beg of you. Some people call it love handles, i call it muffin top. but this woman i saw was more like, hippo in a can. so...
Note : Dress according to your body.

Last outfit, is a question of taste, but i really liked it. Graphic tee tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt. I LOVE.

Something like this but the t shirt wasn't plain and more graphic-ish. Think Topshop tees.
and last but not least, there was this huge argument about a high waisted skirt that Misha Barton once wore. and I think the people who disliked the outfit were people of the erm. older generation. Frankly, i think she pulls it off. not only is she super tall but she is also young. and the newer generation is all about starting new fashion statements. And i really LOVE her skirt. Red is the new black.

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