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biggety backy back ;
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 // 6:04 PM
I'm back from my Raya holidays in Perlis.

I'm pretty down right now so I haven't got much to say.


walking on water ;
Friday, September 18, 2009 // 7:00 AM
Sorry I've been all MIA lately. This week has been hectic. For one, Raya is this Sunday.

Like, whatintarnationisgoingon!?

Plus, our exams are a week, or was it two weeks? after raya. and the week right before our exams, our so-called " Study Week" is now taken over by CBL which is some project thing that is supposedly taking over second mid sem examinations. so like once again, explanation anybody?

Basically, our so-called study week is now CBL week and Raya week is study week.

but whotever. I'm leaving for Singapore tomorrow. in the morning.
Oh and I forgot to mention, today, Friday, is a holiday. and it just got announced on Thursday. i find it somewhat uncalled for yet i'm not one to complain about random day offs.

So I know i while back, i promised some Charlotte Olympia pieces of artwork she calls shoes, so here they are. Finally.

Yes, i've been busy.
sue me.

Charlotte Olympia Ziggy Ankle Boots

Charlotte Olympia Paloma Pumps in Peacock Green

Charlotte Olympia Paloma Pumps in Apple Red

Charlotte Olympia Maxine Lace Up Sandals

Charlotte Olympia Greta Ostrich Skin Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Greta Linen Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Striped Greta Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Gloria Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Striped Wedge Genie Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Genie Pumps in Apple Red

Charlotte Olympia Leopard Malice Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Carmen Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Leopard Dolly Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Black & White Dolly Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Black & Gold Ziggy Boots

Charlotte Olympia Cindy Piano Pumps

Charlotte Olympia Cindy Leopard Slingbacks

Charlotte Olympia Gilda Satin Sandals

Charlotte Olympia Ophelia Pumps

And Lastly, My Top 3 Picks

for Charlotte Olympia.

They're somewhat Gaga-esque

and very out-of-the-box

Charlotte Olympia Origami Shoes

from the Big In Japan Collection

Charlotte Olympia Mercury Pumps

from the Showtime Collection

Charlotte Olympia Striped Bowie


from the Showtime Collection.

This same post will be posted on my Personal blog at

so don't be deja-vu-ed if you ever felt as if you've seen all of this before.

My respect for Charlotte Olympia went up at least 50 notches after going through all her

collections thoroughly.

If I ever came across her store, I'd honestly walk in there and ask for every shoe in my size.

so intensely immaculate.

off the runway ;
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 // 4:11 PM
Here are a few looks for Fall 09' that fell right off the runway.

Red lips.

Yellow Eyeshadow
from the Marc Jacobs runway

Thick Black Liquid Eyeliner
from the Chanel runway

Smouldering Bedroom Eyes

What do you guys think of Cassie's new hairstyle?
Yay or Nay?

Personally, I think it's a little "NOTICE ME! NOTICE ME!"
nobody likes an A&W

waiting for raya ;
Monday, September 7, 2009 // 6:14 PM
I can't wait for raya in Singapore.

My mom's side celebrates in Perlis while Daddy's side celebrates in Singapore. so since we went to Perlis last year, its daddys turn this year.


1) the family is smaller and I can actually recognize all my cousins. (I have 100+ cousins on my mom's side)

2) Mak Ngah's strawberry kuih lapis is to die for

3) Singapore currency just went up.

4) I have this addiction towards Singapore's Border's Stationary. I'm a stationary junkie

5) I really wanna visit some shops in Singapore that we don't have in Malaysia.

6) I just love Singapore.

I can't wait to pack! I know i'm like WAAAAYYY over-excited. I have 3 baju kurungs made for this year. Doubt I'd take photos of those and if I do, they'd probably be like, real raya photos with my family and such. BTW, my family, we don't buy mathching outfits for Raya. I know some families too, but its just not our style.


All I know its that Bonda is wearing pink on the first day, and I'm wearing beige. I can't wait to pack. ergh. I bought this comfy plain grey V-neck tee to wear in the car on the long long ride to Singapore. Plus, it'll still be puasa on that day, so imagine, 4 hour + ride, in a 5 seater Camry, holding 5 people with no food.

Wish me luck.

Oh and for my raya clothes, I've got a beige lace kurung, A gold and dark blue silk batik kurung, and a white, silver and turqoise satin batik kurung. I also bought this peacock patterened tunic to wear on the way back, cause we're like visiting some people, then going straight home, and being in a kurung would be annoying and uncomfortable.

I'm definitely taking both my new shoes with me, the cobalt fringed ones, and the glitter pink ones from Zara. plus maybe my simple Black Quilted Chanel heels incase all else fails. Haven't decided on bags yet though. I hope my luggage bag fits it all.

My Louis Vuitton Keepall 55.

Yes, I am fully aware that I am gloating. Sue me.

Before I die, I want to collect the whole collection of Louis Vuitton Travel Bags.
Wish me a whole lotta luck.

In the mean time, I'm lusting for

Louis Vuitton's Alzer 80

and what I dub
the Queen of all Luggage Bags,

Louis Vuitton's Pegase 50 in Pomme D'Amour.
I'd die happy if I were to own one of these.

Its priced at a hefty 1410 POUNDS though, that's a good 10, 000 ringgit.

A girl can dream right?

[edit] While browsing through Louis Vuitton Luggage and bags in my extremely sick state, yes, I browse through the Louis Vuitton website when I'm sick on high fever, its my personal antibiotic :) and I came across this limited edition Louis Vuitton Hand Luggage. by limited edition, I mean, it's probably obsolete [edit]

The Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Spring by Murakami Rigid.

it's everything I hoped it would be.

clinking glasses for the sun ;
Sunday, September 6, 2009 // 10:26 PM
I officially hate surfing the net. Everytime I come across something totally

I remind myself that I'm saving up for that totally worth it Blackberry Bold i've had my eye on. Honestly, I've had my eye on the Blacberry Curve but the Bold looks more,hmm, sophisticated, classy, and expensive.

Mind my materialistic mind. :P

Today, my mother and I checked out phones cause she's out looking for a phone too.

three cheers to our prehistoric phones that have seen better days,
back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Fortunately, my mom understands my phone dilemma and she's somewhat proud that I'm saving up for it instead of doing puppy eyes for daddy in which case, i'd end up with a big fat NO anyway. So, she has agreed to buy the Steve Madden Studded Gladiators for me after finals as a Post-Final Exam present.

God bless her soul, heart and everything in between.
Thanks Bonda.

I can't wait for my birthday. yeah yeah, its in like 2 months. That's 2 months too long for me. grrh.

If anyone's wondering what I want...


go to Borders in Gardens, walk ALLLL THE WAAAAYY to the back most part of the shop. In the Fashion Design section and buy me any one of those books. I swear, i ogled them like hell today but i decided not to buy any cause they'd distract me from studying for my finals. but oh my god.
7 minutes in heaven much?
pages and pages of drawings, designs, mannequins, cloth types.
i died happy.

I'd slit my wrists for these
Proenza Schouler sunglasses.

I wish I was Bill Gates.

Blueberries and Blacberry Bolds ;
// 10:23 PM
I'll be on a shopping hiatus, well at least till after finals or towards the end of the year.

First off, I've been slacking and i really need to study up for my finals
Second, I'm going to Canada at the end of the year, and thats usually when I go shopping to the point of epilepsy.
Third, I'm saving up for a Blackberry Bold.

People go all, why don't you get your dad to buy it for you?
Well you see, my dad is an interesting person. haha. He buys me great clothes, great shoes, bags, but he has this thing against cell phones. They can cause brain cancer la dee ladee daa. So can Super Rings
( you know, those intensely orange coloured crackers that are TO DIE FOR yet contain carcinogenic substances?)

But whatever,
so yeah. No shopping till like DECEMBER! just to save up for a phone.

you'll be so worth it.

a photo is worth... ;
// 10:19 PM
Today's the last day of the holiday, yeap, i'm pretty much in mourning. Out of boredom, i took several photos of my room/ changes in my room. Yeah, i've actually attempted to CLEAN my room this holiday. It doesn't look SO bad anymore. I remember Armand walking into my room, and he was like WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE. and trust me, my room was clean ( well my definition of clean) at the time. :P so, if you're reading this Armand, which i really doubt/hope you don't unless you love fashion and totally swung that way, LOOK AT MY ROOM NOW. you can somewhat see the floor and my bed now.

So when i finally turned on my "forever off" camera, i found a couple of old photos too. Some dating back to December 2008. haha. yeap. I decided, why experiment with my photography skillz when i clearly have none? but here you go, some old, most new.

December 2008
Apartment Room in Canada

this is what Canada is all about, Mooses/Moosi/Meese and Beer. :)

Terengganu 2009


Amazing Attemps in Cleaning up My Room

where i put most of my bags/clutches/jewellery box/ other stuff.

yes. I colour coordinated them.
Browns, Reds, Blacks, Clutches.
These aren't all my bags, my larger totes are downstairs. :)

My favourite bags are hung. And coincidentally, they're all blacks or neutrals.
From Left:
Miss Selfridge Chain bag, H&M navy blue and gold sweater, Black Ferragamo sling, H&M beige sling, Vintage Black and Gold bag from Spain

My Belts.
The Red studded belt is from Zara, and it was purchased in Canada and the Black belt is vintage. I've got more belts but these are just my favourites that i actually display in my room. If you look at that first picture of the whole cupboard, these are the belts in that white box.

These are my headbands. :) If you look at the cupboard photo, these are in the red round box.
Bedside Table.
I have a cool red touch lamp !
Oh and as for the sunglasses, my coloured ones are hung while the black ones are in the red box.
My favourite jeweleries are hung on this mini mannequin.

Birds eye, I've got a clear view.

All my coloured sunnies.

Most of my jewelery is in that iron carved box in the cupboard photo but I like my favourites hung cause they're easier to find and retrieve.

So basically, you can find alot of my gold/pleated headbands here. My favourite long and short necklaces, my favourite bib necklace and a bunch of bracelets.

Latest Purchaces

I'm not gonna take photos of the clothes i just bought, cause i found that kindda, awkward and random. So here are the photos of shoes and accesories that i've bought recently.

Pinkish Glitter Tie Up Flats a la Zara.

my favourite a.k.a. the love of my life
Cobalt Blue Fringed Chunky Heels a la Zara aussi

Don't you just LOVE how that cobalt blue looks against my bright red carpet?

I think I teared a bit when my mom was paying for these heels.

And last but not least, my latest accessory purchases

Floral Sunnies - F21
Beige Vintage Sunnies - F21
Brown with Gold Studded Leather headband - Diva
Gold Mesh Knot headband - Diva
Black and Gold Bib necklace - F21

Brown Pleated Belt which I've always wanted! :)

[all photos were taken and edited by AthiraMohamad}

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